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" ʻŌpala " is the Hawaiian word for trash, litter, or waste- something to be discarded as it's useless. The pillars of Opala Art are originality, resourcefulness, redemption, and purpose; to take what is considered trash and give it new life and worth by repurposing it into something fine.

All Opala Art pieces are entirely unique, as they use found materials of all different shapes, textures, sizes and lengths. These non-recyclable materials have traveled thousands of miles of ocean to wash up on Kaua'i beaches, where they are picked up by the artist and organically integrated into original art. 


By purchasing a piece of Opala Art, you are actively participating in our effort to keep our 'aina clean and our oceans healthy. Mahalo for your support on this large mission, and for supporting a local artist.




Allegra Kanna Scribner is a practicing artist based on Kaua’i. Her art emphasizes themes of sustainability and stewardship, and her work in many cases incorporates a range of materials to visually and symbolically showcase these themes.


Allegra was born and raised on Kaua’i and brought up in one of Hawai'i's large traditional extended families - the Kanna family. She, like her family, drew upon values from both Hawaiian culture and Japanese culture in being mindful of duty, personal responsibility, civic engagement and stewardship. Allegra brings in modern notions of environmental care and sustainability to her traditional knowledge of mālama pono and stewardship and believes they are mutually reinforcing. 

Mālama ka ʻāina. Mālama i ke kai. Mālama kekahi i kekahi.

Allegra studied film and media arts at Biola University in Los Angeles, and has been sculpting, creating, and designing her whole life. Her work incorporates elements of storytelling and design with the use of modern materials to develop her ideas and to speak to her viewers with images and color as well as texture and shape. She has always been in pursuit of originality and holds herself to a high standard to achieve the ingenuity she seeks. 


Allegra offers her art work from her Lawai studio and through limited locally-owned galleries on Kaua’i. She also works on art commissions where she works closely with her clients to develop themes of her art work on subject matter and issues of importance to her clients.


When she's not picking up opala and creating, Allegra enjoys surfing, fishing, jiujitsu, and spending time with her loved ones.

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