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The pillars of Opala Art are originality, resourcefulness, redemption, and purpose.


All Opala Art pieces are entirely unique, as they use found materials of all different shapes, textures, sizes and lengths. These non-recyclable materials have traveled thousands of miles of ocean to wash up on the beaches of Kaua'i as opala (trash), where they are picked up by the artist and organically integrated into a work of fine original art. 


By purchasing a piece of Opala Art, you are actively participating in our effort to keep our 'aina clean and our oceans healthy. Mahalo for your support on this large mission, and for supporting a local artist.




Allegra is a born and raised Kaua'i girl who loves her island and her people. Her island upbringing combined with studying film at Biola University and her 12 years of living and working in Los Angeles has helped hone her creative eye, broaden her knowledge of the arts, and inspire new ideas to be formed, like Opala Art.


When she's not picking up opala, Allegra enjoys surfing, fishing, jiujitsu, and spending time with her loved ones.

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